William or Will or Willie Harris may refer to: William Harris (academic), past president of Columbia University, William Harris (American football) (born 1965), NFL player, William Harris (beachcomber) (born c.1813), British escaped convict and settler in pre-colonial Nauru, William Harris (colonist) (1757-1812), a figure in the American Revolution, William Harris (priest) (1884-1956), Welsh priest and academic, William Harris (swimmer), American swimmer and Olympic bronze medallist, William Harris (tennis) (born 1947), American tennis player, William Harris (cricketer), William Harris (footballer),Scottish footballer, William Harris (Australian civil rights leader) (1867-1931), Australian leader for Aboriginal civil rights, William Alexander Harris (Kansas) (1841-1909), U.S. Representative from Kansas, William A. Harris (Virginia) (1805-1864), U.S. Representative from Virginia, William Charles Harris, London Metropolitan police executive, William Critchlow Harris, Canadian architect, William Cornwallis Harris (1807-1848), English military engineer, artist and hunter, Sir William Gordon Harris (1912-2005), British civil engineer, Sir William Henry Harris (1883-1973), English organist and composer, William J. Harris (1868-1932), U.S. Senator from Georgia, William Laurel Harris (1870-1924), American muralist and editor, William Logan Harris (1817-1887), Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, William Torrey Harris (1835-1909), American educator, philosopher, and lexicographer, William Snow Harris (1791-1867), invented a ship-borne lightning rod, William Wade Harris, African evangelist, William Harris, former director general of Science Foundation Ireland, William Harris, American Civil War colonel, son of Ira Harris, William Harris, founder of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, William Harris, founder of the Symbionese Liberation Army, Willie Harris, baseball player,