Villain Accelerate is an instrumental hip-hop group born out of mutual respect and the desire to create. Comprised of producer Sixtoo and longtime Sebutones collaborator Stigg Of The Dump, Villain Accelerate embodies hip-hop. Sixtoo’s releases for Cease And Desist, Vertical Form, and Ninja Tune have established him in underground hip-hop. In addition to being an accomplished producer, DJ, and MC, his love of hip-hop culture fuels his visual art projects. Stigg Of The Dump is an Irish transplant with a knack for beat digging and a belly full of Guinness. His release, Still Alive At The Veglia Lounge loudly announced his arrival and is fast becoming a vital piece of instrumental hip-hop wax. Villain Accelerate remains an open sketchbook for two artists in need of a safe place for their darkest and most unconventional ideas.