United Kingdom

Urban Myth Club is the UK–based electronic duo Mark Desvaux and Ian Sanderson who work with a collective of vocalists and other musicians. Known to have worked with Urban Myth Club are Hollywood film composer Stephen Barton (Narnia (movie), Shrek (movie), Call of Duty 4), vocalists Clare Szembek (Captain & The Funky Lowlives), Rowan Godel, Jenni Stanley and Miz Agata, keyboard player Shannon Harris (Lily Allen, Amy MacDonald, Wheatus), Bassist Louis Thorne and percussionist Ben Gurney-Savage. Their music can be characterized as downtempo electronica. Urban Myth Club is on the TRL Music record label owned by Mark Desvaux.

In 2004 they released a limited edition Secret EP. In 2005, they released their debut single I Feel It on TRL Music as an underground digital release with no promotion. The track broke into the iTunes top 30 chart, and radio airplay followed. The band debuted at the Glastonbury Festival in 2005 and played the main stage at The Big Chill. Other festival appearances include The Glade, Secret Garden Party and a return to Glastonbury in 2007. In 2006, I Feel It was released reaching top 10 in a number of European countries. Their debut album Helium followed, receiving critical acclaim as one of the 'best downtempo albums ever released' (Blues and Soul magazine). The album has become a bestseller on Amazon, reaching No.1 in the Chill charts and a regular Top 10 in the Dance and Electronica charts. The album has sold over 10,000 copies.

The band's new album Open Up was released on 28 February 2011 on TRL Music and charted on iTunes and Amazon. Mark was interview by Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Five Live about the new album in March 2011. A number of singles from the album will be released during 2011.