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Trauma was an American heavy metal band. It was known as being the band of bass virtuoso Cliff Burton, before he left them to join Metallica. Their music was comparable to that of Iron Maiden and Montrose with faster tempos, which is shown in the tracks "The Day All Hell Broke Loose" and "Lay Low" from their debut album. Kris Gustofson went on to play in numerous other bands, most notably St. Elmo's Fire. Michael Overton did an interview with Joel McIver for his book "To Live Is to Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton".


Last-known Line-up:

Donny Hillier (1981-1985), vocals,

Michael Overton (1981-1985), guitar,

Ross Alexander (1983-1985), guitar,

Glen Gordon (1984-1985), bass *,

Kris Gustofson (1982-1985), drums *,

Other members:

Cliff Burton (1981-1982), bass,

George Lady (1981-1983), guitar,

Dennis Schaefer (1981-1982), drums,

Rob Churchfield (*1985) Bass Guitar! (*Actual Last known bassist for Trauma. R.Brow on drums.),

Ronn Brow (*1985) Drums! (*Actual last known drummer for Trauma in 1985. R.Churchfield on bass guitar.)