The Latin Brothers is one of the most successful Colombian salsa groups and was organized by Fruko y sus Tesos under the auspices of José María Fuentes.

They have been playing for decades for international audiences, taking their tropical interpretations worldwide. For salseros everywhere such songs as “Las caleñas son como las flores”, “Buscandote”, “Dale al bombo”, “Sobre las olas” and “Fuma el barco” are easily recognized and welcomed whenever they perform. “Las caleñas” has also been remixed into a more dancefloor friendly version and released on a whitelabel by Los Hermanos Latinos.

Several famous musicians have recorded for The Latin Brothers. One of them was the Cuban musician Alfredo de la Fe, nominated for two Grammys in 1980 and Violinist of the Year from 1977 to 1981 by the Latin New York Awards. You also have the vocalists Will Pertuz and Yorthley Rivas, who also recorded for Cariaco, and Joseito Martínez who had an international hit with The Latin Brothers called “Sobre las olas”.