Shitdisco, (stylised as SHITDISCO) was a Dance-punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. They were formed in 2003 while studying at the Glasgow School of Art. Their first single "Disco Blood"/"I Know Kung Fu" was released in December 2005 and sold out quickly. They are signed to record label Fierce Panda. Shitdisco released their debut album Kingdom of Fear on the 16 April 2007.

Until they were evicted in summer 2006, the band held free parties in a large dilapidated house on Glasgow's West Princes Street, known locally as "61". They have attracted a reputation for organising and playing free parties and raves in peculiar places; including squats, streets, abandoned railway tunnels, shipping containers and caravans.

The group have been compared to Talking Heads and The Rapture, but admit influences ranging from Donna Summer, Arthur Russel and The Prodigy to Gang of Four and The Clash. Since the release of "Disco Blood"/"I Know Kung Fu" the band has toured extensively in the UK and Europe, even playing as far afield as Bangkok and Istanbul. In 2007 they signed to Sony Music in Japan.

In 2009, they split up.