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RAH or Rah can refer to: Rah (slang), British English slang for a young snob, or an alteration of "hoorah", Rah, claimed by James Churchward to be the sun-god of the Mu, and the origin of the Ra of ancient Heliopolis, Rah, a common misspelling for the island of Ra, in north Vanuatu, Rah Rah, an indie alternative rock from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Republic Airways Holdings, an airline holding company that owns Chautauqua Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Midwest Airlines, Republic Airlines, and Shuttle America, Robert A. Heinlein science fiction author, Right At Home Realty, a Toronto-based real estate brokerage, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Resource Allocation Hypothesis, Rah Tours Reliable Amazing Holidays a Toronto base Tour company, Reviews in American History, an academic quarterly of book review essays on recent books published in the field of American History. Currently based at the University of Rochester (NY).