Poisonblack is a Finnish gothic metal band led by singer/guitarist Ville Laihiala, known for his vocals with the band Sentenced from 1996 - 2005. After the departure of Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto sometime after the release of their first album, Escapexstacy, Laihiala, the band's principal songwriter, assumed vocal duties himself and has since led Poisonblack in a musical direction that closely mirrors that of his former band.

After the chart success of Lust Stained Despair (#2 in Finland) ,In 2006, they toured Europe with Lacuna Coil. They have also done various concerts here and there outside Finland and opened for Iron Maiden in Helsinki, 2003.

In 2008 the released "A Dead Heavy Day" which hit the Finnish Album Shart in position 6. After this success they toured Europe with Dark Tranquillity and Fear My Thoughts.

The Finnish release date for Poisonblack's latest album has been set to March 17, 2010.