Peter von Poehl is a Swedish singer-songwriter, composer, musician and director.

He was the guitarist for A.S. Dragon, once the backing band for Bertrand Burgalat and in Michel Houellebecq's album Présence humaine (2000). He has since collaborated with other artists, such as Doriand (Le Grand bain), Lio (Dites au prince charmant), Marie Modiano (I'm Not a Rose) and Florian Horwath (We Are All Gold), with whom he founded the Graeferecordings label in Berlin.

His first album, Going to Where the Tea-Trees Are, was published by the French label Tôt ou tard on 9 May 2006.

He has since produced Vincent Delerm's third album, Les Piqûres d'araignée (2006), in which he participates in one song, Marine. He is now on a long series of tours, most notably as the opening act for Phoenix (autumn 2006) and Air (spring 2007). He played at the Eurockéennes 2007 in Belfort.

His second album, May Day, was released in February 2009. He played new songs from this album during a series of live shows in La Maroquinerie (Paris), at the beginning of July 2008.