No Authority was a four part American boy band of the late 1990s and early 2000s from Los Angeles, California. The group are most notable for the hit songs "Don't Stop", "Can I Get Your Number (A Girl Like You)" and "Keep On". The original line-up consisted of Josh Keaton (born February 8, 1979), Eric Stretch (born June 22, 1980), Ric Felix (born December 2, 1980) and Dan Zavatsky (born June 1, 1982).

Their first single, "Don't Stop", was released in 1997 followed by their first album, Keep On. Josh Keaton left the group. He then was replaced by Tommy McCarthy (born February 23, 1980).

Their eponymous second album was released in July 2000. No Authority parted ways the following year due to the marrige of band member Danny Zavatsky to a Nevada native, Jaimie Gunzel.