Naked Raygun is a Chicago-based punk rock group. Initially active from 1980 to about 1992, Naked Raygun had several short-lived reunions afterwards and a full-time reformation in 2006.

From the beginning, their music had a strong sense of melody and songwriting, with Pezzati's lyrics often exploring working class issues. Naked Raygun began in the hardcore punk style, later branching out into post-hardcore territory. By their early 1990s incarnation, Naked Raygun's melodic tendencies became more pronounced, with strong power pop leanings in the vein of Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, and The Jam.


Initial run:

The band was formed in 1980 by Santiago Durango, Marko Pezzati and later Jeff Pezzati. Singer Jeff Pezzati was the sole constant member through multiple personnel changes. Members over time include drummers Bobby Strange, Jim Colao, and Eric Spicer; bassists Marko Pezzati, Pierre Kezdy, and Camilo Gonzalez; guitarists Santiago Durango, John Haggerty, and Bill Stephens; and keyboardist John Lundin.

Durango and Jeff Pezzati were also members of Big Black during the early 1980s.

Post Naked Raygun:

In 1989, John Haggerty left Naked Raygun to form Pegboy with his younger brother Joe (formerly of Bloodsport and The Effigies) and Steve Saylors and Larry Damore of the Bhopal Stiffs (Pierre Kezdy would later replace Steve Saylors).

Jeff Pezzati is also the lead singer of The Bomb, which is a different and later band than the San Francisco group, known as "Bomb".


A two-show reunion in 1997 produced the live album Free Shit!.

In 1999, the independent record label Quarterstick Records re-issued the bands back catalog on CD.

On August 16, 2006 it was announced that Naked Raygun would reunite for Riot Fest 2006, an annual punk rock festival held in Chicago. Other high profile reunions for Riot Fest 2006 included the Blue Meanies and The Bollweevils.


Naked Raygun also played a low-key, invitation-only show on October 19, 2006 at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago.

Following their reunion at Riot Fest 2006, Naked Raygun announced that the band was "back for good." The reunited lineup consists of its "Raygun...Naked Raygun" members: Pezzati, Stephens, Kezdy, and Spicer.

On July 14, 2009 it was announced that Naked Raygun would soon return to the studio for the first time since 1997 for a series of 7" singles to be released on Riot Fest Records. After the singles series the band plans to record an LP, the first since 1990's Raygun... Naked Raygun.

In 2011, Pete Mittler of The Methadones joined the line-up so that long time bassest Pierre Kezdy could convalesce. It is not confirmed what Mr. Kezdy is inflicted with.