MoKenStef was a female R&B trio from Los Angeles, California which was popular during the mid 1990s. The group name was a combination of the first syllable of each members' names: Monifa, Kenya, and Stephanie. They released an album, Azz Izz, in 1995, and their biggest hit was "He's Mine", which peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100. Their second single, "Sex in the Rain," was not as successful, peaking only at #63 on the R&B chart. The last single supposed to be "Baby Come Close" for which MoKenStef recorded a remix called "I Can't Help It" (it was a cover of Michael Jackson's song). Remix was released on promo vinyl single and the group made a video for it directed by Cameron Casey, but at the end the song was never released commercially as a single.