Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Jason Blaine (born April 19, 1980 in Pembroke, Ontario) is a Canadian country music singer/songwriter from Pembroke, Ontario. The winner of Project Discovery 2002, Jason's top 10 singles include "Rock In My Boot" and "Flirtin' With Me." In 2002, Jason Blaine won Project Discovery 2002, a talent search sponsored by CMT. His victory led to the release of his first single the following year, "That's What I Do." Working with producer Jason Barry, Jason released his independent debut album, While We Were Waiting, on July 26, 2005. Singles released from the album include "Heartache Like Mine," "While We Were Waiting" and "What I Can't Forget." Jason signed with Icon Records in 2006, who re-released his album on June 24.