Hot Action Cop is an American alternative rock band. The group released their self-titled debut album on Lava/Atlantic Records in March 2003. Rob Werthner (vocalist/rhythm guitarist/songwriter/frontman) formed the band back in the 1990s with bassist Luis Espaillat, drummer Kory Knipp and Nashville guitarist Tim Flaherty. Later before the 2003 tour adding Nashville keyboardist Daniel Feese. With many musical influences (including the Bloodhound Gang, Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Limp Bizkit), he came up with songs with lyrics about sex.

The name of the band comes from the irreverent nickname that Werthner gave the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend after she and Werthner broke up in the early '90s. He was an NYPD officer with a feathery out-of-date haircut.

Their song "Fever for the Flava" was featured on the soundtrack of a few films, most notably the American Wedding and Grind soundtracks (as well as appearing in episodes of the shows King of the Hill, Malcolm in the Middle , Smallville and The Man Show) and an alternative song (talking about cars instead of sex) also appeared in the racing video game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. It was also voted #49 on MuchMusic's list of the 50 Most Controversial Videos.