Gravy Train!!!! (the spelling of which includes the four exclamation points) is an electropop group from Oakland, California. The band is currently signed to Kill Rock Stars. Past labels include S.P.A.M. Records, Cold Crush Records, Purr and Mogul Electro Records. Gravy Train!!!! is most famous for sexually explicit lyrics which advocate recognition of the female sex drive, as well as advocating recreational sex among gay men. The members of the band are named Chunx, Hunx, Junx, and Funx. Junx joined Gravy Train!!!! after former member Drunx left the group. The style of music performed by Gravy Train!!!! is often associated with groups like Le Tigre and Avenue D. Hunx later formed Hunx and His Punx, a band more indebted to the girl groups and garage rock of the 1960s.