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Gersey is an Australian rock band based in Melbourne, which formed in 1997. The band is composed of Craig Jackson (vocals, bass), Daryl Bradie (guitar), Matt Davis (guitar), Danny Tulen (drums) and Drew Pearse (keyboards).

The band are among a number of Australian indie-rock bands formed in the mid-late 90s who are influenced by shoegaze movement of the early 90s, including Gaslight Radio, Sounds Like Sunset and Ides Of Space.

The band began their recording careers with the rare EP "Bewilderment Is A Blessing" (1999). Since then they have released three full length albums. Their first two albums - "Hope Springs" (2000) and "Storms Dresses As Stars" (2002) - were both produced with Tim Whitten at Megaphon Studios in Sydney.

It took the band four years to follow up their second album with the 2006 "No Satellites" LP. After a false start - including a canceled recording session with producer Wayne Connolly, the group finally entered the studio with Dean Turner. Turner, a member of legendary Australian act, Magic Dirt, has produced for other local acts Riff Random and theredsunband.Tim Whitten - who has worked previously with The Clouds, Underground Lovers and more recently, Gaslight Radio and 78 Saab - mixed the album.

In 2005, their first two albums were re-released as deluxe editions. The "Hope Springs" deluxe edition also features the sought-after debut EP in full .

In 2008, Matt Davis formed a side project, Bombazine Black, which also featured Danny Tulen on drums.