Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook is a 1957 album by the American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, accompanied by the Duke Ellington orchestra, focusing on Ellington's songs.

Part of Fitzgerald's series of 'Songbooks', it is the only one where the composer is also featured as a performer. This was the first time that Fitzgerald had recorded with Ellington. It is also the entry in the Songbook series that gives her by far most often the opportunity to exhibit her famous scat singing.

The greater part of disc three is devoted to two original compositions by Ellington, inspired by Fitzgerald's life, character and artistry.

Fitzgerald's performance on this album won her the 1959 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Performance, Individual.

This album marked the start of a fruitful artistic relationship for Ella and the 'Duke', the 1960s would see them perform on the Côte d'Azur for the 1966 album Ella and Duke at the Cote D'Azur, and in Sweden for The Stockholm Concert, 1966. Their only other studio album, 1965's Ella at Duke's Place, was also extremely well received.

The baritone Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau even reportedly cut short a New York recital so he could catch Ella and the Duke in concert.

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Disc One

Disc Two

Disc Three

All music written by Duke Ellington, lyricists indicated.

Recorded June 15–October 27, 1957, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.