London, U.K.

Darren Tate (born 22 October 1972, London) is an record producer and club DJ. As a classically trained musician, Tate has worked with international artists and songwriters with whom he collaborates regularly. He has also worked in the areas of television, film and musical theatre.

One of Tate's earliest memories in an interview he gave with International DJ magazine was pushing comedian Ronnie Corbett into a swimming pool when he was 3. He started life in the public spotlight early, appearing in various television advertisements. During his childhood he attended boarding school for ten years. As he got older he was trained in several classical musical instruments, studied Music at Leeds University and enjoyed success in television, film and musical theatre.

In a DMC magazine interview of March 2007 Tate stated that his favourite record was "Unfinished Sympathy" by Massive Attack. In the same interview it was revealed that three of his biggest influences in his life were Stevie Wonder, John Williams and Brian Eno. Tate has a son who was born in February 2006.