Chris Volz is a renowned American alternative metal/hard rock singer/songwriter. He is the lead vocalist of Flaw and created the now dormant Five Bolt Main. In 2006, Chris Volz announced plans for a solo project. He has recently revealed that his debut solo album will be released through the independent record label Rock Ridge Music, and it will be titled Redemption. The solo album was released on September 11, 2007. A clip of the title track off the album has been posted on his official music myspace. With all previous albums combined Mr. Volz has sold over a half a million records in the U.S. alone, and has recently branched out to producing other bands albums, as well as writing songs for other artists.

On November 16, 2009, Flaw independently released Home Grown Studio Sessions. This is the first new material to be released by Flaw since Endangered Species in 2004.

Volz announced that he is trying to rekindle relationships with other members of Flaw to release their fourth studio album and an EP by mid 2012 with a DVD release to follow, as well as work on Five.Bolt.Main material and solo material. He also announced that Flaw will be touring in mid March.


Born August 6, 1973, Chris grew up in the Baltimore, Maryland, area- studying music at an early age- and is currently based in Louisville, Kentucky. At the age of 2, Volz was adopted by a former opera singer. When he was 12, his adoptive mother committed suicide. Volz cites jazz, classical and metal music as some of his influences. His singing style consists of both harmonized and screaming vocals. The songs, "Whole" from Through The Eyes and "The Gift" from Venting are about his adoptive mother.


Chris Volz collaborated with Nashville native Jarod Delgado on a song called "Here and Now" as a featured vocalist. It was released on iTunes and AmazonMP3 as a single by Delgado on January 30, 2012. The single will be featured on Delgado's debut album Don't Hold Back, which was released on March 12, 2012.