Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Blurtonia was a Canadian indie rock group, formed in May 1999 to play live shows in support of the well-received self-released debut Adventures in the Kingdom of Blurtonia, co-produced by Daryl Smith whose credits include Sloan, Tricky Woo, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

In addition to Adventures, Blurtonia released one other self-titled album released on Grenadine Records in 2002. At the time, the band was composed of Ian Blurton (ex-Change of Heart) on guitar and vox, Al Kelso (ex-The Dinner Is Ruined) on guitar, Randy Curnew (ex-Ursula/Cash Brothers) on drums, Sam De Medeiros bass, and Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene) on bass. Before their last cross-Canada tour in September 2002, Eric Larock (Tricky Woo) filled in on bass.

Blurton is currently involved in C'Mon (alongside Randy Curnew and Katie Lynn also of Nashville Pussy). Blurton is also a Toronto-based recording and producing engineer at Chemical Sounds.