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Summer Romance
Plays the perfect mix of love songs for a little summer romance.
Teenage Love
From upbeat love songs to heartbreaks, teenage love has it all.
Crazy In Love
Some of the best contemporary love songs to enjoy with your sweetheart.
Canciones Romanticas
Canciones Romanticas plays a mix of the best romantic and love songs from the world of Latin music.
Pop Love
Plays love pop hits to get you in the valentines day spirit.
80's Love Songs
Plays some of your favorite love songs from the 80's.
Alternative Indie Love Songs
Plays the best and most romantic love songs from the world of Indie/Alternative.
Country Valentine's
Plays your favorite country love songs perfect for a romantic Valentines day.
Valentine Classics
Plays classic love songs for that nostalgic Valentines's Day.
Valentine Love Songs
Plays your all time favorite Valentines' Day love songs.
Valentines Oldies
Plays a mix of your favorite oldie love songs.
An R&B Valentines Day
Plays a mix of your favorite R&B love songs perfect for your Valentines Day.
A Cowboy's Love Song
Plays the best Country/Western songs for lovesick lonesome cowboys.
Heartaching Hits
Tune into the darker side of love with songs featuring heartaches, breakups, lying & cheating.
Date Night Tunes
A great mix of tunes for the best date night ever.
Girl Crazy Boy Bands
Plays the best heart throbbing boy band hits of all time.